Monday, March 9, 2009

Just another day!

Another sun rise
Another new day
Another rising hope
Another prayer to say.

Another lyric wrote
Another song sung
Another stick lit
Another black lung.

Another bus missed
Another long wait
Another silly excuse
Another blame on fate.

Another line of code
Another debug
Another long meeting
Another coffee mug.

Another deep breath
Another second ticked
Another day gone
Another chance missed.

Another empty thought
Another blank stare
Another sleepless night
Another greying hair.

Another lonely moment
Another tear drop
Another drying tear
Another full stop.


Charmed One! said...

And yet another beautiful post mister :) !

Unknown said...

And yet another day for you at office sans work???? Am I right??

Hahaha...Carry on..

Deepika said...

and another comment on the beautiful post!

Nemesis said...

@Charmed One, Beanie, Deepika:

Yet another thank you :D