Thursday, September 10, 2015

A million miles, so far yet so close..

A million miles apart we are,
with every second this distance grows,
But I feel you with every breath,
See you even when eyes close.

Like a breath of fresh air,

you made my life new,
I will walk that extra mile,
Just for you.

Thinking of you night and day,

has taken over all I do,
how we met, how life changed,
has not yet sunk through.

'This is a dream' I tell myself,

awake or asleep, i have no clue,
Then I hear your voice,feel your love,
and my dream comes true.

Every thought of you brightens me up,

it brings a smile with a teardrop,
Like the rainbow that brightens the sky,
after sunshine with a raindrop.

To see you smile, my only wish,

To be with you, my endeavour,
I will make you mine, come what may,
I will love you, forever,forever.